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T3 The Hills - Case Study

T3 The Hills - Case Study


An investor approached Host Wise with a limited budget of 300,000€ to invest in real estate, seeking a property with an estimated return on investment (ROI) above 10%. The investor showed preference for downtown Porto, although some flexibility in location was allowed.


  • At least T3 (3-bedroom) property
  • High-end assets allowing higher prices
  • Swimming pool as a rare amenity


  • Limited new construction in downtown Porto
  • Inflated asking prices in areas near downtown Porto
  • Lack of high-end, differentiated offerings

    Location Selection

    Oliveira do Douro was identified as a location with high ROI potential due to:

    • Proximity to the historic center of Gaia (10 minutes) with high tourist demand
    • Lower asking prices and many new constructions due to low demand for residential purposes
    • New constructions focused on high-end assets with differentiating amenities such as pools, gardens, and garages

    Host Wise Building in Vila Nova de Gaia

    Property Identification

    A T3 property was identified in the new development, The Hills, with the following amenities:

    • Swimming pool
    • Balcony
    • River view
    • 2 parking spaces
    • Elevator
    • High-end

    The asking price was 260,000€.


    Host Wise invested 50,000€ in furnishing and decorating the property, positioning it in a high-end category.


    The property has consistently received 5-star ratings across various platforms, indicating potential for price growth in the medium to long term. The daily rental price varies with the city's seasonality:

    • High Season: 400€ - 450€
    • Mid Season: 200€ - 250€
    • Low Season: 150€

    The property's gross ROI is 20% per year.

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