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Do You Know the Advantages of Each Platform to Promote Your Property?

Do You Know the Advantages of Each Platform to Promote Your Property?

Dear Property Owners and Investors,

With the growing interest in tourism in Portugal, the local accommodation market proves to be an attractive source of additional income. Choosing the ideal platform to list your property is as crucial as the location of the property itself. In this edition, we explore the features of the three most popular platforms: Airbnb,, and VRBO (formerly HomeAway), providing you with insights for an informed decision to maximize your profits.

Airbnb: Personalization and Efficient Support

Airbnb charges a fixed commission of 15% to property owners, standing out for its effective resolution center and fast, efficient customer support. Guest reviews are crucial, significantly influencing the positioning of listings in search results.

Advantages of Airbnb:

  • Robust resolution center;
  • Swift and effective customer support;
  • Reviews impact listing visibility. Expansion and Promotional Flexibility charges a base commission of 16.1% (including 15% commission and 1.1% payment processing fee). Known for its dominance in the hotel market, it is expanding its presence in local accommodations, allowing owners to create temporary promotions to boost listing visibility.

Advantages of

  • Leader in the hotel and guesthouse segment, expanding into local accommodations;
  • Flexibility to highlight listings through temporary promotions.

VRBO: Ideal for Groups and Families

VRBO, specializing in large properties, applies a 15% commission for property managers using property management systems (PMS). It excels in serving families and large groups and has a strong presence in the U.S. market, where the audience has higher purchasing power, thus increasing the average daily rate. Bookings are often made well in advance, benefiting owners' planning.

Advantages of VRBO:

  • Suitable for large properties;
  • Strong positioning in the U.S. market, improving profits;
  • Early bookings facilitate organization.

The Importance of Diversifying Listing Platforms

Besides the specifics of each platform, diversification can be key to maximizing profitability.

"By listing your property on multiple platforms, you expand your reach to a broader audience, naturally enhancing profitability. Each platform attracts a different type of guest, thus broadening your opportunities for occupancy and revenue." Joana Sousa, Revenue Manager

This approach not only increases your property's visibility but also broadens the spectrum of potential bookings, contributing to a more robust and profitable occupancy strategy. Ready to optimize your property's profitability? Contact us to discover how Host Wise can help.

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We hope this information helps you choose the best platform for your property and capitalize on the opportunities the growing tourism market in Portugal offers. Remember, the key to maximizing your profits lies in making informed choices and carefully managing your properties.

We will be back next week with more valuable insights. Until then, we wish you an excellent holiday!

Best regards,
The Host Wise Team

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