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Changes in the "Mais Habitação" Package and Alojamento Local?

Changes in the "Mais Habitação" Package and Alojamento Local?

Dear Property Owners and Investors,

We hope you are all in good health and ready for some exciting news! It is with great pleasure that we bring you updates that promise not only to keep you informed but also to boost the effectiveness of your real estate investments.

Legislative Updates in Local Accommodation

The new Government has announced plans to revoke several measures from the "Mais Habitação" program, which previously imposed significant restrictions on the Alojamento Local sector. These changes include:

  • Elimination of the Extraordinary Contribution: The Extraordinary Contribution on Local Accommodation (CEAL), primarily applied in densely populated coastal areas, will be eliminated.
  • End of License Expiration: AL licenses will no longer have a restricted validity period of five years, promoting greater stability for investors.
  • Permission for New License Applications: The issuance of new AL licenses will be permitted, with conditions and regions still to be defined, opening new opportunities for sector expansion.

    Industry Reaction

    Eduardo Miranda, president of the ALEP, expressed confidence in the proposed changes:

    "We are counting on the promises regarding Local Accommodation being fulfilled to ensure the sector's stability. It doesn't make sense for Local Accommodation to be part of the housing debate when there are 1.1 million holiday homes and 750,000 vacant homes in Portugal. What Local Accommodation wants is to stop being part of this politicized discussion and achieve stability."

    Impact for Investors

    These changes promise to bring new dynamism to the Alojamento Local market, with direct impacts for you, our partners:

    • Greater Security and Predictability: With the removal of restrictions, the investment environment becomes more stable and predictable.
    • Growth Opportunities: The elimination of the CEAL and the extension of license validity pave the way for expanding and optimizing your investments.

    How Can We Help?

    If you do not yet have an active AL license or are considering acquiring properties for investment, Host Wise is ready to assist:

    • Obtaining a Local Accommodation License: We guide you through the licensing process, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
    • Property Acquisition: Through our spin-off, Invest Wise, we offer support in scouting and acquiring real estate assets.

    Contact Us Now

    Immediate Opportunities with Host Wise

    While we await the complete revocation of the "Mais Habitação" program measures, it's important to highlight that there are already immediate opportunities to monetize your investments with Host Wise. We offer a medium-term booking regime, allowing high profitability with the lowest commission in the market.

    • Medium-Term Bookings: Start benefiting from efficient and profitable property management now, ensuring consistent income during a period of legislative transition.
    • Competitive Commission: We ensure our rates are the most attractive in the market, maximizing your profits without compromising service quality. Our commission is only 14% on the gross value.

    Learn More

    We hope you are as excited as we are about the potential opportunities brought by the new Alojamento Local guidelines. Remember, we are here to help you maximize your investment.

    We will be back next week with more insights. Until then, we wish you an excellent weekend!

    Best regards,
    The Host Wise Team

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