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Are You Familiar with Middle-Term Rentals?

Are You Familiar with Middle-Term Rentals?

The housing sector in Portugal has never been so dynamic. Amid recent changes, middle-term rentals have emerged as an attractive option, bridging the gap between short stays and long-term leases. This trend reflects the flexibility that people now value in their living and working arrangements.

What Are Middle-Term Rentals?

Middle-term rentals offer accommodation for periods between one to six months. They differ from short-term holiday rentals by providing stability without the commitment of annual contracts. Additionally, they avoid many of the legal restrictions that burden local accommodations, offering simpler and more flexible contracts.

A Changing Market

In a constantly changing world, this type of rental fills a crucial niche. Whether for students, temporarily relocated professionals, families in transition, or digital nomads, medium-term stays offer the flexibility and stability that traditional options cannot provide.

Benefits for Guests

For guests, middle-term rentals mean freedom and cost savings. Without long contracts, they can plan their lives with greater flexibility and take advantage of opportunities without being tied to a specific location. Additionally, it is a more economical option than tourist accommodations, providing the comfort of a furnished home.

Advantages for Property Owners

Property owners benefit from greater financial stability and fewer frequent vacancies compared to short-term rentals. Properties can be rented at premium prices, balancing stability and flexibility, allowing for more consistent and potentially higher income.

Challenges and Considerations

Despite the advantages, middle-term rentals come with challenges:

  • Regulatory hurdles can create uncertainties.
  • Managing expectations between guests and hosts is crucial.
  • Insurance and legal obligations are important to ensure properties are adequately insured and registered.

Adapting to New Trends

Investing in property management services, like those offered by Host Wise, can be the ideal solution. This ensures that owners do not face defaults and do not have to worry about the logistics of advertising, welcoming tenants, and maintaining the property.


Middle-term rentals offer a flexible and modern housing solution. They provide freedom to guests and profitable opportunities to owners, without long-term commitments.

At Host Wise, we believe that middle-term rentals are the answer to modern housing needs, aligning tenant expectations with visionary investors' capabilities. The future of housing is here, and it is flexible.

We hope this information on middle-term management inspires you to explore this promising segment. We are excited to support you in adapting your properties to meet this market's expectations.


We will continue to share more insights and strategies in the next edition. Until then, we wish you all a great weekend!

Best regards,
The Host Wise Team

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